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reports. chief julian songs with an i don't think cardinal pushed his five year confinement inside the country's london embassy. also this hour the u.s. announces it will spend one hundred fifty million dollars rebuilding iraq in cities devastated by the war on islamic state a figure dwarfed by how much the pentagon has requested for military operations there just this year. germany rejects the deportation of a turkish jihad is to support extremists in syria the man's presence is almost but he could be released next year.
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and so our teams national life from moscow just go midnight here in the russian capital hawkins wherever you are thanks for joining us this hour there's confusion surrounding the wiki leaks chief julian a song made early reports he'd been handed citizenship is now claimed he's only been handed an identity card for the country. next to the ecuadorian embassy in london where a song's remains holed up. the mystery of what happens next in this ever complicated tricky and internationally spanning case of julian assange really continues with some developments trickling in this evening here in london where we are in fact outside the ecuadorian embassy and some of the confusion of some of the reports that have been coming out seems to be stemming from first of all it tweets that julian assange had posted on his twitter page wearing a t. shirt with the ecuadorian national colors parking lots of debate and questions online about whether or not this could potentially mean that he has either has been
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or is on his way to being granted citizenship those questions of course are yet to be specifically answered by either julian assange himself the founder of wiki leaks or ecuadorian officials what we do know so far is that a son seems to have been issued some sort of national ecuadorian identification number which is easily seen on the ecuadorian web site where this particular number coincides with his full name now the questions there are whether or not this is an i.d. that could potentially be used for him to apply for a quick dorrian citizenship or somehow change his status when it comes to this very complicated case that has now spanned over several years what we do know as this comes following earlier statements from the ecuadorian foreign minister saying that it's really time to move on with his case let's take a listen with a peasant companies in those conditions forever. we're considering the option of
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mediation with this intercept that could be done virus that country or individual. no solution is possible without international corporations or without that if the u.k. which has expressed interest in finding one well there are lots of questions now about who this potential mediator could be because obviously when it comes to the complications of julian assange being able to actually step out of this embassy. hind us revolves largely on what his status is in the u.k. because clearly it's been made very clear many times over and over by british officials that even if he does step foot outside the embassy he would be snatched up by them for the simple reasons of having reached his bail when around the time of when his whole case began to unravel so that has been the position of the british officials of course despite having the world seen that organizations such as the united nations have found his detention to be arbitrary that of the swedish
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investigation that has been going on for quite some time having dropped the sexual allegations against him there were lots of assumptions there that this would open the door for a son to walk out of the sack with jorian embassy where he's been holed up but obviously all of this has been based largely on the fact that a son just himself believes that as soon as he walks out he would be extradited to the u.s. which seems to be his biggest fear given the sort of expectation for him to be punished there for his work as a whistleblower with the website wiki leaks having provided so much information when it comes to certain doings of the american government so certainly lots of questions we're going to obviously be watching this very closely in terms of what is this going to mean for songes status not just within ecuador but potentially his case beginning to move forward a little bit more. will discuss the issue further let's cross live to muds that us law professor university of oslo thanks for joining us good to get you on the
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program was the issuing of this identity caught actually mean for julian assange is it a serious step could it be one step forward in resolving what seems to be a never ending saga here i think they could or and government is working very hard to find your way. to log on to ecuador or back to australia and that's high time he's been many years in prison they could or him. and the u.k. also or it is maintaining that if you leave the embassy they will arrest him. and due to the process this constitutes a detention not to let him out not to let him leave the u.k. go out to them to see and then take a plane to ecuador or to australia and in the background of course is the united states. which clearly wants him extradited and there are different legal procedures against the sonship in the us which have been kept secret and which of
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course fuels has justify it has on his side being apprehended and extradited i know that for the embassy has issued a statement saying we're not going to comment on these rumors what do you read into that or they just may be abiding that time with making an official statement could all this be a fuss over nothing. well you know it's. very wise of they could organs to keep it quiet and try to sort it out they have already signaled that they want to betray should be the you chaos or it is the u.k. authorities how many we case they have also a very clear ruling by. a u.n. specialist body on arbitrary tension which to. a procedure hearing the case. also getting the use of missions from the u.k. government then found this detention is indeed arbitrary and has the
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right to be let out and to get compensation for the time the has been imprisoned under these circumstances i mean if we go along with speculation this identity card could issue could lead rather to do issuing of a possible diplomatic immunity. this passport isn't actually diplomatic immunity yet so we still could be arrested the moment he steps out of the embassy. i don't think the it's for they could or not. i don't think they will manage to get a status which will mean the. barred from apprehending it so this is something which has to be agreed and that's what dick adore and sort of started this process with with observation the u.k. authorities are not wanted to discuss this they have just made clear that they regard him as somebody who can be apprehended and they have not changed that knew they kept the whole time and even now when the swedish extradition request has been
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withdrawn which is not a good time it happened last year at a good time they still maintain that they want him and he clearly will be reprehended if used to see with an ecuadorian identity card or a passport or whatever so that's why it's so why it's a liquid or an os or it is to try to sort this out. to make sure that the u.k. authorities do what clearly is that you did under international law to. a song free and to let him leave the country at this stage the question is that all it says there's so many possibilities here we have to keep all options open but do you see any legal ways where assad's can actually leave and not face arrest or do you think that's impossible right now that's something he will have to face. well he's right he has the right to leave. it's the u.k. authorities who are in violation of international law by continuing this set of all
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apprehending him when he leaves the embassy they could or an embassy has granted him this asylum they have done they followed the book or done what is clearly within their rights so it's not a question of what punitive is a possibility it's what the u.k. authorities to what are the u.k. all sorts of geishas under international law and remember that case was fraught with difficulties also as a pyramid domestic in case before english courts it is not clear that there are grounds to. accept extradition request there were. the supreme court when they dealt with the matter split it was a strong strong dissent so basically the law here is on the case of the rulings by these body which again is the authority of a body or arbitrary detention on international law. and that us law professor at
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university of oslo thanks for shedding some light here on what is an increasingly mysterious it seems case with more questions than answers at the moment. and the u.s. embassy in iraq has announced a one hundred fifty million dollars to be spent rebuilding cities left devastated in the war on islamic state so that's only a fraction know of what the u.s. has earmarked for its continued military operations there on his blog as if has more on the story what does this look like to you mad max. resident evil noah this is mosul or rather what's left of it quote a sea of thousands of air strikes we filmed this a few weeks ago and nothing's really changed from when we were there last this is what the aftermath of a classic strike in mosul look like the neighborhoods that numbered in the
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thousands have been reduced to a handful. of the iraqi army in the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave a square meter on scorched for the turk of precision i haven't yet seen a single house and moonsault untouched by fighting the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there. it's the same story wherever you look cities and towns that house millions devastated husks even now in mosul you are never far from the stench of rotting bodies or unexploded bombs help reconstruction no one seen any of that. i did they enter was little when it was. doing.
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well she's never hungry alex get over it you know you go to school and this is not . what else is there to do in mosul like she said it was i'm just it was during the holocaust that to me that if she ever put it to. me. as strange the u.s. had pledged to help and do what it's bombs did they're already helping fund reconstruction iraq says it needs one hundred billion dollars to rebuild and the united states has doubled its pledge to one hundred fifty million dollars and we're about zero point one percent of what iraq needs and no one seems to have seen any of that but a city in your city if you had much if you. did you would. all die for. the much sherman.
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i love comedy not the shouting he about i would die i said i hadn't this way now my god now one of them i just wish i'd had it now after seventy. one up fight as i had the saw to that a small and dissatisfied many of us said so now what about the left to send a message that the the numbers are an entirely different leagues what the united states spends on burning isis out of iraq and what the us has pledged to rip. pare the damage it did are entirely in comparable numbers the average cost of a u.s. air strike in iraq at the beginning of the operation very roughly counting fuel flight time cost of bombs made in uncertain military pay was half a million dollars for one airstrike they carried out fourteen thousand their strikes in iraq alone and after helping turn iraqi cities into these all they can
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pledge is one hundred fifty million dollars the equivalent of two midsize passenger jets that isn't going to change many lives in iraq. now a court in germany has provoked controversy after a block the deal was ation of a turkish jet hardest decisions likely to also give chancellor merkel a headache she is continuing to struggle to form a coalition government is charlotte devinsky has more details. well germany's top court has ruled on wednesday that a person cannot be deported back to their country of origin if they face torture or inhumane treatment in that country now turkish court has said that germany would need to have appropriate assurances that neither of those would take place if a person was deported to that country now this case has been highlighted because of
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a court case brought by a german born turk who was convicted back in two thousand and fifteen of supporting terrorism the man who's thirty years old could travel to syria and had supported a terrorist organization in the country including giving funds to that terrorist organization there he received a three and a half year sentence for doing so here in germany but in two thousand and sixteen he was threatened with deportation back to turkey and he decided to appeal that threat and take it to the court system here in this country now he had support from groups such as amnesty who said that if he was deported to turkey because he had links to a terror organization he could be tortured or abused and that man has two thirds of his sentence left to serve and could be released within the next year and that is highly controversial here in germany because many people fear that he could
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potentially be a terror threat in the future. whole . idea. i'm afraid of the future and germany of course is no. stranger to terror attacks the country's been on high alert since the christmas market attack in december two thousand and sixteen which killed twelve people and injured dozens others in just weeks after that christmas market attack the german interior minister called for speeding deportations in cases like this but this ruling could spoke in the wheel of those with anybody now able to claim that if they deported back to their country
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of origin they could face inhumane treatment or torture this ruling comes amid merkel's ongoing struggle to form a government following the election in september the chancellor failed to create a coalition with minor parties and is now conducting negotiations with the leader of the social democrats martin schultz who previously refused any offer and spoke to publicist and former german intelligence officer in a room who believes the controversial ruling to keep a potential terrorist in the country may cause a further split between the parties. this thing is. a few on the fire or for anyone and it's not only the fifty but it's loose in the. union to the christian democrats who wants to have a criminal deportee a new ruling of the federal constitutional court to not be received with greed pleasure by the public at large. you can governments rejected
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calls for a better system of checks and balances to prevent future prime ministers making the same mistakes as tony blair did over iraq a special committee argued stricter investigations should be carried out before entering the country into any conflict of inquiry into the war known as the chilcote reports led to the stablished front of the u.k.'s national security council it deals with all national security issues coordinate the activities of the intelligence services and formulate defense strategy as well now the chilcot report was published back in twenty sixteen ruled the u.k.'s military action in iraq was not a last resort the iraqi leader saddam hussein didn't represent an urgent threats and there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction being used by the iraqi government linda german from the stop the war coalition believes it's easy for the u.k. m.p.'s to vote for war much harder for them to deal with the consequences. chilcote
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was meant to change the whole why in which these decisions were made it hasn't been implemented it hasn't been taken up and i fear that we are going to get another episode like we've had with tony blair in the past and of course it shows that this government just like the blair government doesn't want to be constrained by anybody the decision to go to war can be taken by a tiny clique of people around the prime minister with very little democratic accountability and of course it's very very easy for these m.p.'s to vote for war it's much much harder to deal with the consequences of war as we've seen in iraq and as we see as we're still seeing in afghanistan in libya we know that to raise in my is finding domestic circumstance you very very difficult indeed at the moment what is easier for governments like this than to say well ok we have an enemy abroad and to bolster the case for war. the pressures been mounting on the israeli prime minister after a controversial recording involving his son was leaked to the press. lawyers
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reportedly tried to prevent the type being broadcast on local television. i would forgive me if. i was half way of god i'm coming over because. i'm. going to go out here now without recording reportedly made in twenty fifteen go you can be heard shouting to the son of israeli gas tycoon coby my money outside a strip club as a shareholder at a gas company that allegedly benefited from a controversial twenty fifteen law on natural gas drilling rights that they had close to look what the stories on here the legislation concerned two big newly discovered gas fields off israel's coast now it essentially gave corporations control over development of the deposits of the government arguing it would stimulate investment. the proposal last corrupt giving too much power to
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corporations and demanded nationalization of the deposits following the release of the controversial video yoyo netanyahu denied any knowledge of the plans saying his conversation was nothing more than a drunken joke i regret the remarks and apologize if anyone was hurt by them in addition the things i said to my mind were a dumb joke and joking around with him as anyone could tell our prime minister netanyahu is already being investigated in two separate corruption cases delegations include receiving bribes and negotiating favorable media coverage the prime minister strongly denies all the allegations in the meantime though he's pushing for a special immunity law which could allow him to avoid prosecution we discussed the latest controversy surrounding the netanyahu family with regional analysts. it looks really bad for the prime minister and it doesn't look like you know someone who wants to be a leader of the of a country to have his son running around in
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a government vehicle doing things you know don't look so complimentary and is not the kind of line of the prime minister would want to do whether it's a danger to the prime minister or undermines no i mean it's a self undermining thing and the reason he did it is because it looks bad but you know we're in a democratic country and as long as. he's living in the prime minister's residence i may have to answer some questions this is not the first case that we're speaking about corruption in the family of binyamin netanyahu as the prime minister of israel the israeli is it's may lead to draw all of confidence and that's the main threat for binyamin netanyahu that's why they're trying as a family to play with words showing that it's not. a fact but it was just a matter of a guy who was hanging around with his friends and he was just chatting about different things but this is not the matter of fact. the german army is recruiting
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an increasing number of under eighteen's that's according to figures from the country's defense ministry more than two thousand teenagers are now volunteering for germany's armed forces so sharp increase over the last two years germany is one of the few countries worldwide that allows under eighteen's to volunteer though only in a non-combat role do you know just can apply if there are seventy might have parental consent the german military is currently conducting a recruitment drive with officers giving talks in schools across the country become paint also features an online reality show. i i i i. i i i i. i. program we just saw follows army
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recruits for twelve weeks it's one of germany's most popular online projects however it's drawn criticism for making the military more attractive to youngsters the un is concerned the recruitment drive specifically targets children the german army has defended its methods insisting the training is done under strict supervision earlier we spoke to regional m.p. from germany's left party martin who's against targeting youngsters. it had been a huge campaigns in schools even in kindergartens. to. make the army more attractive to young people there have been some schools who have been working together with the army to put the young students in some kind of camp we support some initiatives called corner bundeswehr for example which say as well that education should take place without. this where the people who are under age
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to they shouldn't be urged to. get into the army the united nation already in two thousand and fourteen ask the german government to stop this and erase the ph of soldiers i think this is a problem. but the main problem is if you do a foreign coach with us which is based on dialogue you don't need such a strong army or so many soldiers i think that is the main problem behind. france where the culture minister has attempted to dispel rising concerns over president micron's plan to tackle fake news she said the national media regulator as well as judges would be in charge of enforcing the new law on the one hand you have the c.s.a. and on the other judges so it's not the executive they will be getting involved and micron's proposal to crack down on fake news came a week ago however it immediately sparked
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a backlash with many doubting the government's involvement in the process. it was finished between fake news machines and the professional media we run the risk of losing the truth the barriers have been destroyed presidential campaigns and almost all modern democracies have displayed their weakness and our collective failure to come up with a response but i will say that the first ones who make fake news are the presidential candidates who do not keep their promises this is the real fake news that should be banned who will take care of it is there going to be an anti fake news brigade or something said through on this law here is it not to press a floor since we go more and more in this direction we forbid everything we're prevented from thinkin so much that we no longer know how to think for ourselves for film almost always come back to george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four with the ministry of misinformation i really feel like will ready for her and the people outside of it. and the pain and journalist lucre of it told us the crackdown on
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folk news is misguided. i don't believe in it at all i mean first if it goes to the judges it's not reassuring because most of the judges in france are on the left side because for example they put a few years ago that the wall of the idiot saw. on which day they put the victims who are complaining about bad sentences and things because they are on the left they know better so if they have to judge on what is a fake news it will always be the same that are condemned they feed us things which are not true so it cannot speak about propaganda he's the champion of the propaganda that mr michael himself use this is the word that the press is the victim is the first victim of propaganda no we citizens are the first victim of the propaganda that he organizes. as the saying goes to hell is
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other people especially true it seems on twitter which might be why the devil himself has taken an interest with the church of satan account now fast becoming a twitter beast.
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well that's all from us off of the team here at all to international for this i will back up what a time for more global headlines to see about but. not
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. if these guys get. a cursory glance at the media environment could easily give you the impression that the vast majority of journalists studied psychology at university so many are convinced donald trump is not mentally fit to be president or the same journalist suffering from trump to rage when syndrome. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us exactly just pull on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know really what it is that really packs a punch. yeah john all.


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